Consumer Church?

Last Sunday I listened to our bishop talking about the consumer church. It is a church that relies on employed ministers and others to produce Service and other activities to be consumed by the parishioners. She talked about this in contrast to a church which, be it because of lack of funds or other reasons, have to rely on all its members to survive. The early Christian church wasn’t a consumer church. In his letters the Apostle Paul talks of the church as a body where every part is needed and equally valued. To me this is a picture of how it should be. Sure, a consumer church is convenient. When you have the means you don’t have to rely on volunteers, but at the same time it takes something away from the church. The sense that we, together as brothers and sisters in Christ, are the church. Please join us this Sunday (30/1) for Holy Communion Service in the Cathedral at 5 pm. Afterwards a congregation meeting will be held. Everyone is welcome to contribute and to build on the foundation that is Christ!