Matthew på torsdagsmässa i Kryptan

Varje torsdagskväll firas det mässa i Domkyrkans krypta med sånger från Taizé. Matthew, som kommer från USA, har bott i Japan de fem senaste åren och nu är Lundastudent, kom dit, och vi bad honom att skriva om det. Såhär skrev han:

The Taizé style evening mass in the crypt of the cathedral was one of silence and reflection.  The setting of candlelight, delicate chants, and the focus on the icons on the altar not only aided in focusing the mind but also was an effort to create the inner silence of a connection with God.  The evening mass appeared to be a solemn combination of Vespers and Compline with great significance placed the application of the Kyrie Eleison and the Great Litany in order to help our minds concentrate on the prayers for where they were most needed.  I was also struck by the multilingual chants that are naturally part of the Taize mass in order to appeal to all people from many countries and traditions.  Such pluralism created a feeling of camaraderie in the congregation with so many hearts and minds focused on the good that prayer can do.  I would highly recommend this experience as a way of not only worshipping God and praying for others but as a method centering oneself to continue with the trials of the week ahead.