Christ is risen

What an incredible Easter! In Sweden Easter often coincides with the arrival of spring. Nature illustrates the victory of life over death that we read about in the Gospel. After long, dark and cold winter, everything is in bloom during Easter. This shift in nature reminds us of the Christian hope. That after death and darkness there is life and light through Jesus Christ. We are privileged here in Sweden to have nature bringing us this message at Easter. This coming Sunday we will hear about Thomas. Thomas who refused to believe until he could experience the risen Christ first hand. In the end he got to see with his own eyes, hear with his own ears, touch with his own hands. Not all of us who believe in Christ are as privileged. Not everyone gets to have a mystic experience or witness a miracle. But blessed are the ones who can read the small signs all around us, see the path laid out for us in everyday life, see the divine presence in common things and occurrences. We can still experience the risen Christ. What happened isn’t a thing of the past but something that happens here and now. In that way we are all blessed. Please join us this coming Sunday for Holy Communion Service at 5 pm in the cathedral.