Memento Mori

It is said that the mystic John of the Cross sometimes, in meetings that dragged on, would interrupt by hitting the table with his hand saying – “Remember that we will all one day be dead!”
I hate meeting, so I can really relate to this. Sometimes it feels like we spend all our time talking instead of doing things. I didn’t become a minister to shuffle papers or to sit in meetings. As a minister I want to meet and talk to people, write, read, pray and celebrate mass. Having said this, even I recognize that it can sometime be important to sit down together to evaluate and plan. The last Prayer Service this term will be on the 19th of June. Then I would like us to sit down and evaluate and plan for the future. Therefore there will be a meeting after the Prayer service. Everyone is welcome to come and way in. But be prepared! If the meeting drags on I might do like John of the Cross!
Please join us this coming Sunday – the 22nd of May – at S:t Mikael, Kiliansgatan 9. I will lead the Prayer service and Anna Torbrand will give the Sermon. Welcome!