Back to normal – almost

Coming Sunday we are back in the Cathedral and back to normal. Well, almost. Coffee afterwards will not be at Liberiet but at the Student Chaplaincy office. Nest Sunday, the first of Advent, we are visited by The International Student Choir and since I don’t think that there is room for everyone in our usual place, the Holy Communion Service will be held at the High altar. This an occurrence in itself. It is a special feeling to sit in the wooden chairs that were made during the 14th century. Only bishops, monks and priests were originally allowed to sit in them, and even today it is a part of the church that is not used very often. Also the new building next to the Cathedral will open next Sunday. This means new opportunities for us. We now have a place to have film nights and International pot-lucks. Hopefully we can put the new building to good use during spring. We begin already the 11th of December with a Christmas party after the Service.