Letting go

If you were sitting in the cock-pit of an airplane that was falling from the sky – what would you do? Most of us would probably struggle with the controls into the very last second. Few of us would probably think of letting go of the controls. Being in control is a big thing with most of us. When we lose control we spend all our energy trying to regain control. But sometimes we would be better of just letting go. Let go, let God is an English expression some of you have probably heard before. Trusting God instead of trusting ones own ability and strength is not easy. It takes a lot of courage to show ones weakness. Still, we need to let go to let God. The gospel tells us that the people who rejected Jesus were people who didn’t think they need any help. The ones who embraced Jesus were the ones who saw their own weakness and need. The same is true today. Please join us this coming Sunday at 5 pm for Holy Communion Service in the cathedral. Readings: 1 King 8:41-43, Romans 1:16-17, Matthew 8:5-13.