Be Involved!

I’m already fortunately enough to have people who help me with coffee after the Service and with reading and collection. However, Lisa from Australia, who was with us most of last year, suggested that we make a roster so that more people can be involved in the congregation. I think that it is a great idea. I want people to be involved – to feel that the congregation is our mutual responsibility. There are several assignments that are available. Before, during and after the Holy Communion Service we need help with the following – someone who greets people when they come and make them feel at home, someone willing to read the Bible readings, someone to do the collection, someone to help at the distribution. Afterwards we need help with coffee and cleanup after. I’m going to make a roster that you can fill out in the Cathedral or at coffee afterwards.
Please join us this coming Sunday when you will here about my meeting with the Vice President of the Philippines which taught me a thing or two about how expectations can lead you in the wrong direction. Bible readings: 1 Sam 1:21-28, 1 Joh 1:5-7, Luke 2:22-40.