Easter Highlights

Easter is coming up and I want to tell you about some of the things going on in Lund. On Good Friday there will be an ecumenical pilgrimage to different churches in Lund. This is my favourite way to observe Good Friday. The walk starts at Västerkyrkan, Byggmästaregatan 21, at 11.45. It is usually a large group of Christians from different denominations that walk through Lund behind the cross singing hymns as they walk. Among the Churches visited are the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, the Catholic Church and the Pentecostal Church. This is a great way to manifest our unity in Christ while at the same time learn a little about each other. The walk ends at the Cathedral at 3 pm.
On Saturday at 23.30 their will be a midnight Holy Communion Service in the Cathedral. It is in Swedish, but is well worth visiting anyway. The bishop leads the liturgy which is very rich. We get to remember our baptism as the Bishop sprinkle us with water. We get to follow Christ into the grave and witness his resurrection in the Cathedral Crypt. Down there candles are lit and carried up into the Cathedral were we celebrate Jesus victory over Sin and Death. Finally we get to carry our candle out from church to show the whole world that Christ has risen. At the same time the Cathedral mighty bells are ringing. It is an amazing experience.
On Easter Sunday there will be Holy Communion Service in the Cathedral at 5 pm as usual. So please celebrate Easter with us.