Meet and Greet

I don’t think anyone have missed the fact the student are back in town! The international students came last week. I actually meet all of them Wednesday before last – that is I stood in front all of them telling them about, among other things, our Holy Communion Services at 5 pm. I also invited them to take a free guided tour of the Cathedral and 15% of them took me up on the offer. In the last week I have guided about 300 of them in our beautiful Cathedral. It is my hope that some of them will come to our Services in the coming weeks. This is an excellent opportunity for us to meet them and to get to known some of them. It would be good if those of us who have been here in Lund for a while, and know our way around, could be there for them in different ways. Let us make them feel welcome when they come to our Services. Help them find their way Don’t forget that this is an opportunity for us to make new friends. Several people have told me that ours is a very warm and welcoming church with a strong feeling of community. I’m very proud of this fact. So let us invite the new students into our fellowship. You are all welcome to our Holy Communion service, this coming Sunday at 5 pm, in the Cathedral.