The LORD will provide!

Last week I needed help. I was worried that there wouldn’t be enough people to help with the different things that needed doing – preparing coffee, greeting people, reading, taking up collection. Because of this I sent out an e-mail asking people if they could help. One of the people wrote back that she could help, but also added the words “The Lord will provide”. And the Lord did provide – ALL the people I e-mailed wrote back saying they could help out. In the end my biggest problem wasn’t finding people willing to help – it was finding things for all of them to do. At the General Information Meeting I also remember that I spoke briefly to a student that wanted find an organ so he could practice playing. I remembered directing him to the musician working in the Cathedral. Last week Stefan, who together with Tomas have been playing at our services, came to me and said that he had found an international student, an accomplished organist, who wanted to volunteer playing at our services. This is a dream come true! And not only that, he will also help me finding new hymns – something I’ve struggled with. I have also found that information about our Services at 5 pm in the Cathedral have started to spread by itself. People tell other people who in turn tell other people. In the beginning getting out with information was a big problem – not so anymore. So yes – the Lord will provide!