Someone to talk to?

As a minister I spend a lot of time talking to people. The circumstances can be very different. Sometimes it is over coffee after the Holy Communion Service on Sundays. It is a great time to get to know people from different countries and background. At other times the circumstances are more serious. Sometimes I called to the hospital to talk to someone who has just gotten some very bad news. I also spend some nights every month working for the pastoral care hotline connected to the emergency number 112. There I sometimes talk to people who don’t want to live anymore. I also spend several hours every week talking to Swedish and International student who come to me for counselling. No matter the circumstances, I always find talking to people very rewarding. I feel very privileged when people share their life stories with me. At the same time it is a great responsibility which I take very seriously. To be able to do this, I myself, regularly visit a college to talk about my own life. For me to be able to be a good listener, it is important to sometimes be the one who is listened to. The first time I went to someone to talk about myself, I was very nervous. It is not easy to let your defences down and share your innermost thoughts with someone on the outside. Because I have been there myself I know what it is like for the people who come to talk to me. This is valuable knowledge. Nowadays I don’t feel nervous anymore, but instead look forward to my sessions with my college. It is a luxury to be able to talk about your life and get feedback from someone with experience who listens.
If you need someone to talk to my door is open for you! It is free of charge and totally confidential. You can talk about anything between heaven and earth. Welcome!