Listen up Students; I have a Dream….

I couple of times every term I visit KRISS, a Swedish Christian student organization. KRISS is run by students for student and arrange weekly meeting where students meet and talk about faith. Sometimes they invite guests to talk about different topics. There are other Christian student organizations in Lund also – Dominio for Catholics and Credo. They are all doing a really great job. I know that a lot of International students visit these organizations, but, with the possible exception of Dominio, they are run by Swedish students and the language is for the most part Swedish. When thinking about this, it occurred to me that we would really need a Christian student organization run by international students where the common language was English. It should be an organization where student from all countries and all Christian backgrounds should feel welcome. Maybe it should not even be a new organization, but an international group within one of the existing Christian student organizations. Now, I am not a student, so I can’t start a student organization, but I could help out with a place to meet and other practical things. I could also help out with contacts and advice. Lunds Kristna Råd, the organization that organize all Christian churches in Lund, could maybe also help out and I also think that the University would like there to be such an organization. So all we need is a student or a small group of students who also think that this would be a good idea. Could that be you?