Calm down

Next week should be the last week in Lund filled with activity before everything settles down for summer. If you hear a lot of ruckus – loud music, car horns, singing – it will be graduates from Lund’s “gymnasieskolor” celebrating. Like I said in my last blog, after this week Lund will be a ghost town (except for the Cathedral which will be completely taken over by tourists!).This is not necessarily a bad thing. For once there will be plenty of room in restaurants and you won’t have to book in advance if you want to see a movie. For those who like to relax – Stadsparken and Botan are calm oases during summer. Sunday the 16th of June we will start to use our shorter order for the Holy Communion Service. The communion part is intact, but homily will be much shorter. There is two reasons for this: 1. During my absences people from the congregation will do the homily and they are not suppose to spend too much time working on a sermon. 2. During summer I will be working much more in the Cathedral filling in for colleagues on vacation. Because of this I won’t have much time to work on my Sermon in English. In the middle of August things will be back to normal.
More things to do if you are stuck in Lund during Summer:
1. Västra hamnen in Malmö. Take the train to Malmö central and then take buss number 2 to Västra hamnen. When you see Turning Torso jump of the bus. If you haven’t seen Turning Torso up close this might be worth the trip in itself. However if you go here during warm summer days there be lots of people and a nice atmosphere. The architecture in the area is also really cool. If you have kids – Swedish television will produce its most popular children’s show here between 9-11 every morning. Lots of families with children will pick-nick nearby to watch this. Every Friday famous Swedish artists will visit the show.
2. Lilla Torg in Malmö. Take the train to Malmö central. From there it’s a short walk to Lilla torg where lots of people hang out during warm Summer evenings. In the middle of August Malmö festivalen is worth visiting – lots of food and music. Really crowded though, especially in the evening when popular artists are playing.
3. Copenhagen – obviously! Lots of things to do all the time and a beautiful City. As an alternative to Tivoli, consider Bakken. An old amusement park just outside of Copenhagen accessible by train.