Last, but not least

Last week before my vacation starts and I’m preparing for the arrival of 2000 International Students in August. In cooperation with Lund University all Students are invited to a free guided tour of our Cathedral. These guided tours have proved to be very popular. Last year about 1000 students took us up on the offer. At one occasion about 200 students came at once so this year we’re introducing a system with free tickets.
This will be my last blog post for a while and I saved the best for last. My favorite part of Sweden during summer is without a doubt Österlen – the southeastern part of Skåne. The scenery is amazing and the atmosphere relaxed – it has been compared to the South of France because lots of artist have chosen to set up shop here. If you go by car you will see lots of signs where artist invite you to visit their studio. This part of Skåne is perhaps best explored with a car (or a bike), but as always the summer jojo card will get you there. Here are some of the highlights.
1. Kåseberga and Ale stenar. A small fishing village on the eastcoast which is invaded every summer by tourists. The reason for this can be found on a hill nearby – Ale stenar – the Swedish equivalent of Stonehenge. Also the view from up there is gorgeous. Go on a weekday to avoid crowds and bring a pick-nick or buy smoked fish in the village.
2. Ystad, small town on the South coast. Nice atmosphere and home of Kurt Wallander – the antihero cop in Henning Mankell crime Novels.
3. Stens huvud and Café Annorlunda. Nice nature and great views AND an all-you-can-eat cookie smorgasbord!
4. Kivik – a town filled with apples! In September they have a harvest feast. Also during summer home of Kiviks marknad – an outdoor festival that attracts a lot of people.
5. Brösarps backar and Haväng. Spectacular scenary! This is for those of you who like to walk. Also nearby there is a old fashion Stem engine that takes passenger during summer.
Extra: For those of you who prefer to spend your summer in a chair with a mystery book. Check out the following Swedish crime writers:
Sjövall&wallöö – these books are classics. Set in the 60`s and heavily influence by the thinking of that timeperiod they are nevertheless very readable.
Leif GW Persson – professor of criminology that writes really good novels. He really knows what he is writing about – my favorite.
Henning Mankell – Kurt Wallander!
Steig Larsson – Lisabeth Salander!
Have a great summer!