What to do

Well, there are several options! One close to my heart is to take a guided tour of the Cathedral. I do these for International Students in collaboration with the University, but they are of course open to every one attending our Services at 5 o´clock. The history of Lund and the history of the Cathedral are interlinked and there are many great stories to be told. This summer Trip Advisor named the Cathedral no 3, after the Castle and City hall in Stockholm, of things to see while in Sweden. This, of course, made us very proud. Adding to this, we already have three stars in the French guide “Guide Michelin”.
Another thing you can do is to walk the labyrinth in the square between the Cathedral and Domkyrkoforum. Labyrinths like this can be found in many Cathedrals in Europe. To walk in them is a spiritual exercise linked to contemplation. Before coming to the Holy Communion Service at 5 pm you will have the opportunity to try under the guidance of our minister in charge of pilgrimage – Anna Alebo.
If you like movies you will have the chance to see the film “Francis Ha” for free at Kino. The student chaplaincy is working together with the organization Folkets bio on this. This is an organization run by volunteers to show films from all other the world that otherwise wouldn’t be shown in a movie theater. Francis Ha is an independent movie from the USA about a 27 year old woman trying to find her place in life. For those of you who have seen Woody Allen’s “Manhattan” – this could be seen as a modern take on that story. Tickets are free and will be handed out at coffee after the HCS in the weeks before the showing. There might also be other movies coming up. Check our Facebook page for updates.
Come December we will be baking Swedish Christmas cakes with our expert baker – Carina. For those of you who have tasted the things she has baked for coffee after the HCS – this is an event not to be missed. We’ll be baking Swedish “pepparkakor” and “Lussekatter”.
Speaking of Carina, we will try to get a cell group going this fall. Lots of people have expressed interest in this. If you are interested talk to Carina, who have said that she be willing to coordinate this. If you are interested, but haven’t met Carina, send me an e-mail and I will forward it to her.
Also in December – two traditional Events – first, when it comes to Services, the Christmas carol Service in Helgeand Church and of course, apart from our regular HCS on Sundays, our Christmas service on Christmas day at 5 pm. Also, our traditional Swedish Christmas party – a crash course in celebrating Christmas in Sweden!
If you want to add to this list of things to do – you are more than welcome to do so. If you have an idea , starting a group, doing something together or what ever – tell me about it and we might be able to make it happen.
6/10 14.45 Guided Tour of the Cathedral
21/10 19.00 Movie night at Kino “Francis Ha”
27/10 16.00 Walk the Labyrinth.
17/11 16.00 Walk the Labyrinth.
24/11 14.00 Guided Tour of Cathedral
2/12 19.00 Christmas bake-off.
15/12 18.00 Swedish Christmas party
Ps. Christian Sturesson, a talented musician who played a one of our Service this spring,
will give an concert in the Cathedral in November. More details on our Facebook site. Ds