To wait for or to anticipate

It is really interesting how words can have slightly different meaning, but still almost mean the same thing. To wait and to anticipate describes almost the same thing but from to different sides. To wait is often associated with something boring or something we dread. We wait in line at the grocery store wishing that we were somewhere else. We get caught in traffic and are delay – all we can do is to wait. We sit at the doctor’s office and wait for test results dreading the outcome. We are in custody awaiting trail.
In comparison we often anticipate something nice. Children are filled with anticipation waiting for Christmas. When it is dark and cold we anticipate the coming of spring. The word anticipates is almost neighbor with the word longing.
So when we listen to the gospel readings where Jesus talks about the end of time when he will come back – is this something we are waiting for or are we filled with anticipation for this to happen? Is this something we are dreading or is it something we long for to happen? And why is something we sometimes long for and sometimes dread?