Great Movie!

I have always loved to go to the movies. My taste in film is very varied, but a really great film is a film that gets my thinking and stays with me long after I leave the cinema. The last two years I have volunteered at Kino here in Lund. It is a cinema ran mainly by volunteers that shows movies that otherwise wouldn’t be shown – European movies, independent films and other films from all over the world. These films often get the best reviews, but since they are not backed up by advertising campaigns, they are usually not blockbusters. As a volunteer I can see as many movies as I like for free and in the last year I have really taken advantage of this. I have seen many great movies, and some that wasn’t so great. Some have been interesting just because they exist at all – like a film from Saudi Arabia made by a female director. One or two movies in the last year have been real revelations – like Francis Ha, which we showed last time the Student chaplaincy had a free showing for students. The movie we are going to show on the 13th of March at 7 pm moved me to tears. Since I see so many movies it doesn’t really happen very often that films affect me that deeply – but this one really did. Based on a true story “Last stop Fruitvale Station” tells the story of the ordinary people behind tragic headlines like “Man shot by police at station”. As usual admission is free and you can bring as many friends you like. If you want to see a trailer of the movie go to –